The History of the Saljuq Turks

Zahīr al-Dīn Nīshāpūri

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ISBN: 9786257852302

Pages: 152


The Saljūqnāma, very probably penned between 1177 and 1186 by Zahīr al-Dīn Nīshāpūri, is one of the main sources of the political, social an cultural events in the history of the The Great Saljūq and the Saljūq o Iraq. Dedicated to Abū Ṭālīb Ṭughril b. Arslan the last Iraqi Saljuq ruler (1177-1194), the work is the first known Saljūqnāma and a main referece for the historians studying the Saljūq history, which makes the work extremely outstanding and notable. Depending on the work of A.H. Moton, who first found and published The Saljūqnāma in 2004, after comparing the manuscript with the other related historical records, this work is the first complete English translation of Nīshāpūrī’s work with a meti lous study on the Persian version and the Turkish translation of the manuscript.

This book includes the life and the literary personality of Nīshāpūrī, the content and the technical features of the manuscript with its language,style, and literary aesthetics, and the complete translation of the work, consisting of the preface and the following fourteen chapters, which opens with the emergence of the Saljūq on the stage of the history, covers the events up to the beginning of Ṭughril’s reign, and ends at the beginning of the reign of the last ruler of the Saljuq of Iraq, Abū Ṭālīb Ṭughril b. Arslan.

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