Why Kopernik Books?

With headquarters in Istanbul, New York, and Washington, D.C., Kopernik Publishing has established itself as an innovative, progressive and fast growing independent trade publisher. Our publications range from historical chronicles to upmarket young women's novels; from illustrated children's tales to scholarly researched essays; and from pulsating crime thrillers to subliminal meditative poetry.

In 2016, the Kopernik Publishing House was launched in Istanbul,Turkey. With our goals and unique concepts established, we approached a group of intellectuals and a few highly regarded authors, all experts in their individual fields, and begin a mission of tapping into Turkey's cultural wealth. This incredible pool of talent included a creative and collective genius of authors and academicians throughout Turkey and many impressive writers globally.

At Kopernik Publishing we pride ourselves on the "Paradigm Approach," of seeking both new and previously published authors with a shared vision of the world today. KP provides the platform, though our publishing and distribution houses, to amplify their clarion sound and anomalous voices. We believe in the necessity of mobilizing the world's cultural wealth through unity, solidarity and pluralism, while forging into the literary landscapes of politics, economics, cultural diversity, sociology, science, and history.

Kopernik Publishing is on the move with future offices and warehouses, projected to open, throughout the United States and Canada. In the increasingly competitive world of book publishing, Kopernik Publishing seeks to become a beacon of light in an often dark literary sea of turmoil and industry upheaval.

Why Nicolaus Copernicus?

Nicolaus Copernicus, or Kopernik as it is spelled in Turkish, is an individual of historic importance, known for his protest actions. Having lived between 1473 and 1543, Kopernik asserted that the center of the universe was not the Earth but the Sun. He initiated the Sun-centric thinking of the universe, which was later dubbed the “Copernican Revolution.” He became the symbol of “saying the unsayable, speaking the unspeakable,” from the time he lived until the present. Kopernik Publishing has adopted the philosophical mottos of “writing the un-writable” “saying the unsayable” by toppling the established mode of thinking.

We Reject Every Kind Of Ideological Blindness...

At a time when Turkey is in desperate need of alternative points of view, we advise thinking and perceiving facts from multiple perspectives. We suggest looking at backgrounds, seeing the reasons and objectives, and approaching problems in a calm and collected manner. Irrespective of sides, we reject double standards, hypocrisy, ideological blindness, lack of vision, ignorance and injustice. We constantly search for solutions through a self-critical filter without ever hiding our emotions. We believe such a stance needs to attract the entire society, irrespective of political or ideological differences. This is, we believe, what intellectualism necessitates.

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