The Age of Uncertainty

İbrahim Kalın


Is a Harmonious World Order Possible?

“As new technological advancements enable us to create virtual worlds and alternate realities, we increasingly face the problem of escaping from reality and live in a fantasy world. Images on screens are fast replacing the things themselves, further alienating us from the natural world and the world of real people. We like our own images on screens more than ourselves. New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) will further take us into unknown territories. Can we as human beings live in between these alternate worlds and still retain our humanity?”
Ibrahim Kalin

Creating alternative realities may not necessarily be a bad thing. This is what literature offers us in creative and enriching ways. Pointing to an ideal world may help us keep our hopes and standards high. But the same thing can be a delusional way of running away from the reality that defines our human condition and compels us to take responsibility for our actions. We run away from the reality in which we live because we can no longer stand what we have created with our own hands. Replacing this reality with virtual worlds, machines, robots, and AI inventions is not the way to find peace, tranquility, happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Rather, it is losing ourselves in multiple layers of imaginary worlds.